In every house there is one room that tends to provide all with a certain unique sense of comfort.

Today I am extremely grateful for the wonders of the modern world …namely indoor plumbing.

Evidently the stress, lack of real sleep and getting out and about has caught up to me.  So today, I am not feeling my best, but I know life will get better and I am truly lucky not to feel like this everyday.  Maybe its a good thing in that my body will detox.  So yeah… that’s my Pollyanna take on it.


Before all that really hit home, I was enjoying a nice morning.  Got a load of laundry done (still waiting to be folded, but its clean).  Dishes put way, couple of big boxes moved from the den to the old bedroom, a temporary lamp set up for one of the parrots to get some light.  Even got in a shower, trimmed my nails & had a bag at the door ready to be donated of things that I had decluttered.

Yes still making sure that at least one thing per day is leaving my life – 365 Days of Declutter challenge.

It was actually while I was decluttering a stack of mail that had piled up over the past week that I had a moment of panic.  How on earth am I supposed to work on the bedroom, when I don’t have anywhere to put everything in the in between?  I refuse to take on one more bill while I am out of work.  The  goal is to reduce the bills not add another one by getting a storage unit.  The reality hit home that my house isn’t big enough to move everything into another room while it all gets done.  Not and save any ounce of my sanity!

How on earth do people do it?

It would be a lot easier to just let go of stuff if I knew I was going to be able to afford to replace it.  Decluttering the small stuff is easy, but when it comes to real big pieces that no longer fit your life the task is harder.

What am I going to do?

Relax.  Nothing will be resolved today & I am going to be ok about it.  Physically I am not up to doing it, so what I am letting go of today is the fear and the worry.  The planning and doing can happen tomorrow.  I am decluttering the brain. I have a pad & pen & am writing down all the to-dos for when I get around to it.

Oh Look! A round tuit.. now I should do it! ha ha

How much of life is wasted on things we really aren’t ready to worry about?

I know a lot of mine has been.  But time to change.

Which leaves plenty of room to dream….



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