& the Freaking Begins

For anyone placing bets on when the 1st freakout would come as I go from employed to unemployed… well if you had your money on BEFORE she even leaves the old job, you win!

Today at work I got to listen to my boss go through the massive pile of applications that are coming in like crazy for my position.  The sheer number of applications wasn’t any surprise to me, but I still thought – I’m good at what I do & my resume is going to stand out.  Listening to the ones being reviewed reminded me of two things: 1- there are a LOT of great people with incredible experience & education out there seeking jobs right now & 2- the people hiring aren’t always mature.

While listening to my bosses try to guess how to pronounce names, speculate on what some of the less than stellar resumes were actually like in life, it hit me… someone at some point soon will be seeing my representation on paper & I may be on the not a good fit pile being joked about.  Like one that really wasn’t qualified had left off their degree.  They said they had a Bachelors of Arts, but didn’t say what in.  The jokes began.  All I could think of was a recent article I read that suggested applicants NOT list a degree if it wasn’t something related to the position you are applying for.  Say if it was Geology & you were going for an office manager position.

So many different ways to look at the process of hiring & deciding which of the hundreds of resumes to call to set up an interview.

Also got to checking on my bills.

Money is always the kicker.  Its scary to wonder where I am going to get the money to pay the bills.  I have & will be cutting back on some things (cable bill, insurance, etc) but there are still bills that are going to be coming in & well I just got a new car in September that I don’t want to loose.  I have always been able to pay my bills on time & typically more than the minimum payments.  What if I can’t in a couple of months?

Enough to give a gal a panic attack.

Which it did.

Thankfully I had a great night of free distraction planned & a klonapin on hand to help!

I still feel like I am doing the right thing & have faith that its going to all work out ok.  Just need to remind myself to take deep breaths & think it all through.



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