Valentines Day

& I am in love.

With myself.

Strange as it sounds & makes no sense, but it feels as though I am finally spreading my wings & listening to myself rather than all those “Should”s.

I am placing & respecting the value of me.

Sure I’m single.  I’m ending a job & don’t have another on the horizon. I am standing helplessly while a loved on fights a disease I don’t understand & clueless in how to help any of us.  I have dreams of redecorating on hold.


I am content….more than that I am happy.

I am healthy.  I have a house that for the most part feels safe & comfortable.  I know I am loved. I am lucky enough to be able to laugh at least a couple of time everyday.

Don't you just love SARK!

Sounds cliche to say but being in love with myself is the most gratifying feeling.  Especially knowing I have friends and family who love me, for me.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch

Today I feel the spark returning.

I went to work & everything went great.  Its a bit odd, but everyone is acting incredibly nice & things are going to work out ok.  No hard feelings.

Also I started a project that seems to have been calling to me.  Not sure where it will lead, but its time to start.



Especially to everyone who realizes how many forms love comes in & is willing to celebrate them all.

So to the love birds on date night, the singletons who are enjoying a night doing exactly whatever they please, to those spending time with family & friends, and even to the pets who adore us…

May the love you share come back to you in triplicate.

Be thankful for every joyful moment.


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