14 Things I Love

In honor of the holiday, here are 14 things (in no particular order) that I LOVE…

1. Purple in every shade…

2. Baxter

such a sweetie... with his big buddy, Molly (she was a tad worn out)

3. Damask… LOVE this design on almost anything

4. Mangoes

I have fond memories of picking & eating them fresh with family from the tree in Florida

5. Glitter

6. Stargazer lilies

7.  my family

my mom & her siblings... I have great genes (well we wear our jeans well)

8.  Bubbles

9.  My birds & those who have cross paths with me in life

these are my 4 permanent parrots

10.  Mysteries & curiosities of life

11.  a good drink

water, wine, sweet tea... all good to me!

12.  Buttered popcorn jelly bellies

I know I may be the only one...

13.  the sound of waves

14.  the moon

always there, no matter where I am

So many things in life to appreciate & love.

Hoping you take time to remember a few things you love.  Its the things we love that make us unique.


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