Brave or Crazy?

Doesn’t matter at this point, I’m going with my heart.

I’m taking time for me.

This Valentines Day I am giving myself a break.

Time to get myself in a better place & check in after all the drama of the past year(s), time with my mom & the family, time to finally get the house some what in a more organized place – even if I can’t afford the renovations at the moment.

Me time.

Yes, its official.  I have submitted the formal letter of resignation to my job.

No plans per say employment wise, but I do have plans.  More on that later.

For now, just taking it all in & feeling the emotions.

Nervous, happy, curious, hopeful, etc…. too many to even express.

One was a bit of a surprise this morning.  Checked my email to see had a list of postings featured & saw my old job already listed.

MY OLD JOB posted in the NEW WAY

Wasted no time at all. Which means they aren’t going to drag their feet about it. 🙂 Also saw they have added duties to the position! So if you know someone who is up for it… there you go.

As for me, I took the extra 2 hours my boss gave me to leave early, packed a bag & the crew & went to visit my parents for the weekend.  I literally went from COLD, rainy sleet weather to warm bright sunny skies.  Its seemed like nature was giving me the comfort hug of encouragement.  & I loved it.




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