My Little Star

So today Baxter got his taste of fame!

I submitted the picture of him “reading” the IKEA catalog I got the other day & today he is now know as “The Shop-a-holic”!

hey sup, just checking out some new furniture for my bachelor pad .. NBD!


I have an official GQ Pet on my hands!

Course this isn’t his first time around the web…. he was also the pet of the day at Daily Pet Pic back in August!

What can I say? I adore him.


He’s pugalicious!

Its the small joys in life that you can’t help but smile about.

Things like listening to him snore away as he is snuggles up against me right now.  Or how happy his eyes shined when I got home from running errands tonight.  Simple things like watching a curly lil tail wag like crazy & knowing in his eyes any choice I make is going to be right, as long as he gets to be with me.


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