Trust in your dreams

So today was a bit hard.

Changes in the works & its pretty scary at this point.

I am one of those people who always wants her safety net & never even really entertained the idea of tight rope walking, because why would you risk it?

But I guess I can’t say I’m that girl anymore.

Sometimes you just have to trust.

Especially when life seems to be slapping you in the face with signs!

Seriously... the others from this bunch have been silly fluff, yet I get these while others get told to wear a new hat to change their looks.

Like the fortune cookies for the past couple of days!

So I’m stressed.

I’m in a twin bed longing for the bigger, softer bed, but tomorrow is another day.

This is a growing period.  Going to stress less (when I learn how to, fake it til I can make it!) & take more chances.

I will never get to where I want to be by standing still.

Also it helps to have love & support.  Its great to have people to remind me that I am who I am & that is exactly who I should be.  Sometimes the negativity just makes you forget.

But not with looks like these!


love my Baxter, even when he makes funny faces!

…. also feeling really grateful for free classes through the local community college & for a friend to join me for them.  Tonight’s was on Starting a Not For Profit.  Something we both have been dreaming about for a while.  Not sure the timing is right to completely getting going, but its a great distraction right now & it is a perfect time to get the ball rolling & some of the details started!

Let the dreams take flight!


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