Splish Splash Sleep

Every feel like life is just testing you?

You take a moment to regroup & life says “oh hey no, no stopping along this ride missy!”. (yes in my world my life voice may or may not sound like a sparkling drag queen, giving all attitude & inspiration at the same time. Sometimes you just want to slap her, but you love her too much!)

At the moment I have made a conscience decision to not spend any money til I work out a few things life wise & make a few decisions.

I admit my savings account is not where I want it to be. I do have one & thankfully I have a 401 k that I WILL NOT touch, but its no where near where I wish it was.  There isn’t 3 months worth of expenses in case of an emergency that’s for sure.

Never say never.

How many times do I need to tell myself this?

How many times must I remind myself to be careful what you wish for?

Manifesting things is certainly no secret.

Ask & you shall receive…. just not always how you want it to happen or on your time frame!

Its no secret here that I don’t sleep well.  The past week & a half I have realized that the night terrors have left the sheets all over the place.  Even with the ambien, I have awoke a few times.  Its ok. Its just life for me right now.  I wake, I realize what is going on & what is real life & then work my way into a new dream as soon as I can.

What is not ok is that I either re-opened a small hole in the water bed or have made a new one! No spraying spout, but its becoming clear this bed is not going to work.  This weekend I need to drain & toss.

BUT then what?  Do I spring for a new water bed mattress (~$50), get an air mattress (~$45) or use up a chunk of savings & get the mattress set that I had hoped to get later when I renovated the room?

At this point I’m a tad like Goldilocks in not having a clue which bed is too firm or too soft or just right!

I’m stressed out as it is, this is not helping!

Course an even worse night of sleep is not going to help.

Hoping the answers come ASAP.

Til then I’ve just got to wing it & do a lot of wishing!

Looks like I will be doing a bit of BIG decluttering this weekend, whether or not I want to.

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