Not so super to me

Should be Super Bowling it

Should be Super Bowling it by AliMoonGoddess on

So I hear that football is still being played.  That evidently some game is on today that should matter…. but it doesn’t.

My team’s season ended a while back & there fore its all over til the fall.

So instead I dream.

I get inspired.

See the thing about football is every team has a season where it doesn’t seem to go that great, but the reality is it is STILL PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.  No matter what, those players have achieved a lot to even get signed.  To play in a game is like catching that needle in the hay stack and grabbing it.  So am I upset the season is over? sure.  But am I glad that I got to watch it while it was around? HELZ YAH!

Seems like the same should apply for the rest of life too.

Sure those hard times are difficult to get through, but you have two options: turn off or grow from it.  In life you can change players, you can start new plays, but in the end its all about those touchdowns.  Fight hard as you can to get past all those challenging you and to that end zone!

You might not win this game,  but there is always next season…. as long as the fight is still in there & you play from your heart, you still have a chance.


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