“So, the Labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice…”

Seems like that quote from the movie, Labyrinth, fits my life a bit all too often.

Just when I seem to get the hang of things, here come the cleaners, or an obiliette, or a poisoned peach, you get the drift.

Growing up that was my favorite movie.  I knew all the lines & dare say my family did too from having to over hear me watching it a million times!  Admittedly I still love it.  When I’m feeling sick or just down, it seems to make things a bit better for a while.

Yesterday one of the suggestions made to me was to meditate more often.  Something I haven’t been keeping up with.  Locally there are two labyrinths where you can do walking meditations.  So when this method was suggested, I simply HAD to try it.  I mean its called a LABYRINTH!

One is indoors and only open 2 days a month limited hours, but the other is open to the public 24 hours, seven days a week from what I understand.  Still its located in between two Hospice center buildings so I doubt I would want to go late night for fear of waking someone up by driving up.

This afternoon I texted a friend to see if she would want to get out of the house, but no luck.  This was one place I was going to need to explore alone.  So I drove over & for the life of me couldn’t see it.  So I parked & started walking around the park & discovered it hidden in the middle.  No real path leading up to it, but there it was nestled in the trees.

I read the sign & looked for a sign on what I was supposed to do or feel.  All I knew was walk the path, silently.  So I did.

Silently was only outside my mind.  The interior chatter just wouldn’t stop.  Wondered who all was watching from all the windows (*mind you I hadn’t seen another human there the whole time I was driving or walking!)… wondered what they must think of this stranger driving up & walking in loops, back & forth by herself…. wondered why I wasn’t just able to walk without the worry about what others thought?

And then it hit me.

That is ALWAYS my problem.  I ALWAYS worry about following my path or doing what I want to in life.  Scared or shy or just not wanting to bring attention.  Too tied up in what others may think or do.  My fear is all that blocks my path.

Sure there might be a loose stick or leaf in my way, the outer ring of the labyrinth was even partially covered in pine needles and leaves from not being used much I guess, but I still walked it & got to the center & back!

I HAVE to do that more in my own life.

Make my own way following my passions.

Manifest my dreams.

& as Sarah finally realizes – Life isn’t fair all the time, but that’s the way it is.

Ludo, Call the rocks!  I’m going to need to build a bridge!

…I know easier thought than done.  But I can try.


& who knows, maybe next time I walk that Labyrinth I may just get to where I can do it in total silence… inside & out!


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