Research, Resistance & Resolutions

Believe it or not while I was in Charlotte visiting with all the family from out of town, I was able to make an IKEA trip!  Even better, 3 aunts, my mom & my sister went too!  Family fun & able to do some planning for the room….win win… you would think.

However as with all groups, there are multiple opinions….which can lead to lil tiffs.  It started when we were talking about maybe going.  I mentioned that there were a few things I wanted to look at size wise while we were there because I had decided they would be perfect for my room.  This evidently wasn’t what my sister wanted to hear.  She has totally different taste.  More traditional.  She also is in the planning stages of renovating her house.  BIG TIME. 

One major difference between us is our time frames.  While I am not exactly rushing this, I am also not wanting this project to be around next year either.  I want change.  I also know I am on a tight budget.  I would rather put in the sweat equity by putting together furniture than pay more for someone else to do it in a warehouse.  Also I recognize my taste & situations change over time.  So while she prefers waiting til she can get something that would last a long time, I am ok with saving some money now knowing that in 5 years I may want to change it all again anyway.

Yup we clashed.  I got the looks, the comments & the judgments big time.  (I may have given a few looks & comments back as well…. shame on me, but I am human.) While I realize she is used to being in charge, I am NOT used to it.  I mentioned driving separate to be able to pick up a few things – like flooring, while I was there.  yah… blasted.  Whatever.  I went with the flow rather than calling her out for not even remotely considering my view.  I live over 3 hours away & it was an ideal opportunity to snag a couple of things.  Nope.

Which I have to admit when I got there as fate would have it, I forgot my wallet.  In the chaos of the exchange I didn’t bring my camera bag.  I had placed my wallet in there & was planning on taking it in so I could take a few photos of items I was considering, but wasn’t ready to get yet. 

So this trip I rode in a car with 5 other people & didn’t get to stock up.  (yes I am cheap & don’t want to pay for shipping!)

More trips later I guess.

BUT I did get my bedroom light!

I had seen it online, but at just $39.99 didn’t think it was going to be right for my room size wise.  Also I have to say that the picture doesn’t do it justice at all.  Its much nicer looking in person.  So I went ahead & got the light.  & it rode on my lap the whole way home.  Well actually, my mom was sweet enough to get it since I realized as we got to the registers & I went to pull out my wallet, that it was safely at home waiting.  😦  Thankful again for Mom.


On to more positive things…

About a week ago I heard about Health Month.  Evidently its a way to take habits you want to make or RESOLUTIONS, & turn it into a game.  You can join teams or play solo.  You create your own rules as far as what to focus on, how often, etc.  There are different levels for more difficult & greater quanitity of things you want to focus on doing, but I stuck with 3 things for the month.

  • Meditate for 15 minutes at least 4 days a week
  • Declutter at least one thing every day
  • Walk at least 14 miles a week

    This puts me at a Yellow Level (FREE – also THE IKEA COLOR!!!!) so I can see how I stack up point wise with people who are trying to achieve similar goals.  You get points based on the goal, the difficulty you believe it will be, etc.

    You even set yourself up with a reward for completing the month & a task that you must do if you don’t end the month successfully.  My reward – a new pillow.  I spaced in trying to think up something.  Maybe I will think up something better, but at the moment I already know I am getting quite a few great new things for my bedroom & frankly can’t afford to treat myself to much else.  Who knows.  Why is it hard to set rewards sometimes?

    My task to do if I fail, isn’t really anything bad.  I promised to donate $20 to a non-profit AND hand wash my car.  Which I hate.  I love the car wash & I love donating.  But hand washing is enough to make me REALLY want to achieve this!  Funny how I would rather NOT have to do the punishment, than going for the reward as a motivator. Not sure what that says about me right now.  ha ha

    Another positive thing (no pun intended) is I have joined in the Rock the Red Pump campaign.  They are looking for 500 blogs in 50 days to join in ” to “Rock the Red Pump” badge on their sidebars or above their headers to represent the strength and courage of women fighting HIV/AIDS or affected by the disease both directly and indirectly.” 

    I’ve been tested, have you?


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