Blue Skies Shining on Me

This weekend was a blur.

My aunt Linda & I in the only Boas we could find....

Loved being with family I hadn’t seen in a long time & some I had seen recently.  Especially when we all get along & get stuff done… & we ALMOST did.  Always gotta be drama.  I admit this time it was partially me.

Somehow someone in the group got the idea to paint my parent’s kitchen.

I idea was to brighten it up & add a cheery color to the beige (we kinda hate beige) walls.  We went back & forth & then decided as long as we went with the VOC free stuff it would be ok.  As many hands as we had on deck, it would go pretty quick.

As someone who hasn’t painted that many rooms, I jumped at the chance to do something to improve my parents lives & get some practice under my belt before attempting my own solo project.

The last thing I painted in my house was the tiny master bath and I had an ex-boyfriend working on that one.

One of my aunts has several rental houses in South Florida & paints pretty regularly.  She knows the tricks to do it right.  Perfect training.

After a debating the colors, mom picked “Clear Blue Sky” & we were off!

I prefer to think of it as Tiffany Box Blue, but a few people snubbed their noses & said it was UNC blue & they hated it for that reason among others.  Whatever.  A few of us love it!

The color came out a tad darker than expected.  Which I got blamed for & will own.  We were told by my aunt to get a color 2 shades lighter than we actually want because it would go on darker.  Then she took off to get a few other things my uncle need to fix a wonky drawer.  So we looked at all the shades of blue & settle on the light blue we liked.  I took the paint sample to the sales person at the counter & said we wanted a gallon in the VOC free stuff.  Seemed like the right thing to do & easy peasy.

Not so fast.  No one told me I was supposed to tell them I wanted the 2 shades lighter AT THE PAINT COUNTER! D’oh.  Well the wall is now very blue & I think very pretty, but is a couple of shades darker than we expected.

I personally think it worked out good that way with the dark hardwoods.

But I also learned, in addition to how quickly painting can go, that I am a black sheep & very unique in my tastes.

More on that in the next post.


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