aw, dang….

So it just dawned on my how many things I have wanted to do for this blog & just haven’t.

Wanted to do the monthly cook book review… haven’t

Wanted to once a week dress up a plain grilled chicken sandwich… haven’t

Wanted to just all around do more.

Instead life happens & this has become a place to get out my feelings & check in.  Plan, reflect, etc.

So I might be all over the place, but at the moment so is my life.

Just had to admit it & rethink.

True be told that grilled chicken sandwich sounds pretty delicious right now.

(I had a cinnamon bagel for lunch… bad lady!)

Looking forward to an incredible weekend with ALL, yes ALL four of my aunts & my mom’s only brother. Everyone is going to be at my mom’s place & I get to join them for the weekend!  Long drive ahead seeing as I already wish I was there to chat, giggle & just enjoy being with some of my favorite family.  We haven’t all been in the same place at the same time in several years.  I feel like I have won the lottery!  Now if we can just check the egos at the door & not have any family drama…. that will be the real trick!

& I will be taking the Keurig!  Yes I am a bit addicted.

Speaking of which I learned the hard way this morning why you never should use a busted K cup! There was a slit in one & I just popped it in anyway.  Coffee grinds all in the coffee, the Keurig & everywhere else! Not fun first thing in the morning, but lesson learned. 


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