Shut My Mouth

So I previously wrote a post about some recent drama & reread it & thought “You really need a personal diary!”.  But I guess the blog is in someways, but some things just seem to be too much for public admission.  Plus I left it alone for a few days & realized the main story in the blog wasn’t mine to tell.  Sure I needed to get it out, but I did.  Getting it out & writing about it doesn’t neccessarily mean that I should publicly post it!  So I’m not.  I posted that one privately.

The basics of the last few days has been confirmation that a friend is still struggling with her addiction.  Realization that enabling & supportive love are too close to call at times.  Just have to roll with what seems like the best thing & trust that a high power will guide you. ….& to be grateful that I have the support that I have.  We are all just a few choices away from bad experiences.

As for the 365 Days of Decluttering… well thankfully I haven’t tossed out that friendship, even if it was basically unrolling the packing tape on that one!  Surprising thing is just when I gave up on her, she fought to regain herself.  Detoxing is certainly a step in the right direction & if she can believe in herself, I can too.  So for now I don’t feel the need to dispose of that relationship to preserve my own sanity.  THANKFULLY.  The world continues to amaze me.

I have managed to get a box going with things to donate.  Technically I guess they haven’t left my house (unless you count all the mail I have shredded!), but who wants to run to the charity re-sale shop everyday?

Still working on this process of separation, but slowly but surely right?

I alm starting to see that I may need more in the budget for storage totes!

Also I am a bit frustrated with my timing & the weather.  Here in Southeastern North Carolina its cold.  But then we have a few days that seem like its going to warm up.  So do I pack up all the summer stuff?  Do I pack up the winter stuff?  How long is this process & weather going to last?  This is going to take a mental adjustment for sure.

I admit I have a fear that I am going to get stuff in the storage unit & it going to get infested with bugs or something.   The place I have decided to rent at is a BRAND new building & looks like one of the cleanest places I have ever been.  Its in between work & home and I can get in from 6 am to 10 pm OR call & they will let me in if I need to another time.  Its going to be fine & easily accessable.  No clue why I am getting worried now.   Just the newness of the situation I guess.   My only real experience with a storage unit has been storing old junk for work.  It was basically a place everything went to die.   Doesn’t have to be if I don’t let it.

Also may have a new idea to open up a few more inches of space in my bedroom!  Thanks to a great friend, I have fallen in love with a new (to me) blog.  YoungHouseLove!  Enjoying watching them move into their new house and decorating everything.  Recently they worked on their bedroom. 

Not going to give the idea away too much yet, but I will give a clue…


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