Floordrobes to tote boxes

Sometimes my days at work in the winter are less than exciting.  Its the nature of working in the pool industry as the office manager.  You are needed, but not as needed as you typically are.

This leaves me time to plan.  Work & life related.  & blog during lunch breaks!

Today I was trying to google a way to declutter & organize my bedroom into boxes.

I started last night moving the clothes into storage totes.  The idea is that I need to separate them by type (undies, long sleezed tops, jeans, work pants, lounge pants, etc.) then I will go through & donate the ones I don’t want/need/have space to kinda like.  (of course also going through & purging some while I go).  Also trying to figure out how to separate by season so I can store some in the storage unit & decrease the amount in the house for while I am working on the renovations.  I admit, its overwhelming.  I can over think it til the day is done, but ultimately I just had to start moving stuff.

Also realized that I am going to need more storage totes!

Which got me thinking…. why do I hold on to so much stuff? 

Don’t stress or call any networks, I am not living in a land of boxes or 1,000 rats running loose.  There are no hoarding stories here, but honestly there is more stuff than I need. 

Its no secret that my past year has been emotionally & physically brutal.  It also has changed my housekeeping.  I was limited in ability for a good portion of the year.  When it came to doing laundry, there are times I have been just happy to get it in the wash, dried & back into the bedroom.  Folding with one hand is an absolute joke.  try it. 

BETTER YET – try putting a pillow case onto a pillow & then after you give up or strain something – then look at the pile of clothes that still needs to be folded.

yup doesn’t seem so life or death to just leave them in the floor – or as I have been told its now called the FLOORDROBE.

(No not my house! I have twin peaks…. a clean & a dirty)

So now I can see how these hoarding people begin.  They just let it go…. I also know that is not where I want to go & this clutter is driving me nuts. 

I also recognize that during the times in my life where I am struggling are the same times when I do get cluttered….even without the injuries as an excuse.

I remember after the 1st major relationship in my life a neighbor came over afterwards & made the comment ” WOW I can tell he was certainly the messy one in the relationship!”.  Truth was we were both unhappy & just let things go a bit at the end.  Afterward it was easier to “get things together”.  

This isn’t anything I particular am pleased with, but like most things in life…. it can change. 

So I am going to work on setting myself up to win the war against clutter & one way is a challenge.

I came across the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge on another blog & thought – BINGO!  That is what I need… but then I thought… screw that.  Who wants to wait & draw this out for a freaking year?  But wait… the clutter keeps coming, so even after everything magically gets “perfect” … there is going to be more gifts, mail, clothes, give aways, etc that come through the door in my life.  Its either going to pile up or move out…. 


So here I go.  Day one.  (Join me….)

1st thing out the door is a book.

Sure I haven’t read it, but I also have had it for over a year.  Someone else wanted it on PaperBackSwap.com, so they can have it.  Mailed it out today & that is one less thing in my house.

…..not that I am stopping with ONE thing today, but that seemed symbolic to have a single FIRST kick off item.

& if you don’t already know about paperbackswap.com… you really should go check them out.  I sent away a book, but did I lose anything? nope no I have credit to order a book.  Hopefully one I will actually read in less than a year!


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