Goldilocks needed

I am the type person that always needs something to look forward to.

Its taken me a while to learn this but when I have nothing to look forward to – good or happy to look forward to- I find its hard for me to motivate myself to do anything.  Its in these moments that I notice the not as great aspects of my life & throw pity parties.  I’m a planner.  I love to imagine all the potentials of a day or a place or whatever the focus is.  I am giddy thinking about being able to walk into a room that I planned out & created.

an as said before, I’m a Virgo.  an overthinking, pragmatic dreamer….. go figure.

I found this bed & feel head over heals in love with the curves & the look.

Its the Amelie bed by Pottery Barn Teen. 

 I can’t say I would want the room as my room, but the bed would look great for what I am after.  Picture mint green walls with white trim & a lavender comforter & pillows.  I love the design of it.  Not plain with the perfect touches of whimsy.

However, after some serious internal debate,  I have determined that to make this redocorating project happen to the extend I want to – I can not afford this bed.  So love it from afar & jealous of any one who happens to be lucky enough to have it for your own, but for not its not meant to be.

Give up?

Nope.  Not an option.

So using it as an inspiration piece.

Looking for something with the same elements that can make me happy & fit within the budget.

After a sunday brunch with my Dad, we stopped by a mattress store to check out the prices & types.  While there the owner mentioned that they would be able to get in a couple of different bed that are similar.  I also got to see two in the store that I liked.  All priced for headboard, footboard & frame delivered to my house for around $459 LESS than my lust worthy Amelie bed.  I also have to remind myself that I would need to purchase the mattresses no matter what set I get!  Which was a bit of a shock in the price points for mattress sets.

So which one will I choose?  I’m still torn & hoping you can help. 

Let me know what you think & which one is your favorite.

In NOT PARTICULAR ORDER (& certainly not with any comforters that would be in my room!):


BED A: the Harrison

the Harrison bed
the Harrison bed


BED B: the Brookhaven
the Brookhaven bed


 BED C: the Sylvania

the Sylvania bed


Which would you choose?  Know of any others that are more Amelie like? 

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