More days like this please

Today has been the most productive day I have had in a long time.

Started by waking up early & showing my Dad, who came for a visit, how to use the Keurig.

On to the one crappy moment…

The effects of real world game of Angry Birds!  My peach fronted conure decided he was NOT ready to go back in the cage this early & either wasn’t happy having a visitor or that the moustache parakeet got more attention or who knows what, but he decided that instead of being nice & just hopping on my finger for the ride back to the cage, he’d hop on my finger & dive bomb my face!  Think he is trying to tell me I need a nose job? OUCH.  But I got the bleeding stopped.  He got put away & off we went to the rest of the day.

Which started with BLISS!

We went to watch some guys fire cannons (my Dad has a hobby where he & some friends bought a cannon & do re-enactments).  They were firing at Fort Fisher, which meant we had to go check out the waves afterwards – cameras in hand!


Is there any better way to start the day than on the beach? I don’t think there is.  Just perfection.

Then it was back to reality.  First a leaky toilet.  After 3 trips to the hardware place we got the right part.  Then it was off to take down an over grown tree.  Lunch at my favorite place.  Mattress & bed shopping…more information gathering but still productive none the less.  Checking out a few flooring options, then I checked out a storage place & loved it.

So I feel better.  TONS of work still to do, but at least things are happening.  I feel supported & didn’t realize how much I needed some Daddy time.  🙂


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