Silly Girl

Last night I laid in bed thinking about everything going on in my life.

Then out of no where I started laughing.

Why the heck was I making such a HUGE deal out of a silly redecorating decision?  Can you say this room was NOT the issue?

Oh boy!

Yes there is a lot going on & a lot that I don’t have a clue how to deal with (open to suggestions) but frankly a bedroom makeover is something that is pretty clear cut in the hows & whys.

Projecting on the project? BIG TIME.

Maybe my focus on this is just a way to give me a chance to take control over something changing in my life that I actually CAN control.  Sure there are hurtles to leap & points that I need to figure out, but for the most part this is doable & dealable.  Something the other issues just aren’t right now. 

So game on bedroom.

I got you & I know exactly what I want to do with you.

Distract me & heal me, but I am in control of thee! 



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