delayed decisions

So the bedroom.

I spent 3 hours last night trying my darnest to find a pinhole sized leak in the waterbed. Is there a more frustrating way to spend cold night when all you really want to be doing is laying in a new bedroom?

After a few calls from family & friends & finding out that the flowers I sent my mom for her birthday hadn’t arrived for her birthday (yes I am the biggest loser daughter – not only am I not there to celebrate, but neither is anything from me… dang it), I was beat.

I don’t get how people do this stuff!

Then it hit me. Its American they go into deep debt to do it.


Still part of me feels like the leak in the waterbed is a sign. DO IT.

Maybe its not going to happen the way I want it to or am planning it to be, but do it.

Still I feel overwhelmed thinking about accomplishing this alone.

But if I could…. well I have a feeling that would be the best feeling in the world.

…so the question now is: Can I make it through the in between with some simblance of sanity in tact?

Can I be ok with NOT doing this now?

Wish I could possibly have some way to see into the future & see what the two choices leave me with…

Also I am not going all out, er was wanting to go all out.

I was a bit pragmatic in my dreaming up the new room. IKEA has cute stuff but its not break the bank (unless you are piggy bank style like I am). Still its looking like I’m going to have to rethink again.

But first here is what I am/was going for….. (The white doors, shades and bedding I already have.)

$1.15 –

$279 –

$299 –

$299 –

$30 –

50 EUR –

$129 –

Amelie Bed, Twin, Black
$499 –

accesoires scrap – Page 73


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