So I have two disappointments.

1- The cookbook I posted previously that I would review has not ARRIVED! Typically I get things extremely timely, but of course not this one.  Hoping very soon.  Then I promise more food related post.

Also I am going ahead & picking & PICKING UP the February cookbook to avoid this in the future.  Way to take the steam out of my engine…

but to be honest, Taste is one of those terms that has multiple meanings & this year it seems is going to not only be about flavors tasted but taste in designs & redoing my home.  So for this I apologize if its not what you wanted to read.

But life is life…. sometimes the focuses shift for a while.

I am just extremely grateful to be able to have several focuses!

Which leads me to the second disappointment.

My tastes versus my budget.

Looks like the vision I see for my redesigning the house is already going to out spend my budget.  AND I’m only starting on the bedroom process!  Still have 3 additional rooms to go (told you it was a small place 2 bedrooms, a galley kitchen & a living space).  Or as I think of it all at the moment a disaster zone!

I have the curse.

Expensive taste without the cash flow to back it up.

Just like with fashion, I am finding that the typical designs don’t quite meet my dreams.  I have ideas, visions, dreams… but they aren’t realities.  Course I don’t operate a design house, so I will do like most everyone else & settle. A word & concept I hate.

A home is an expression of who you are.

So why can’t it be what I see it should be.

I already am limited in space & am not planning to do any construction on the house, just to redecorate to increase the functionality & my comfort.

Is it really so much for a gal to ask for?

For example.

My bedroom light.  (start at the top right?)

HATE the current outdated one. The house was built in 1995 I think & this light has had nothing but the bulbs changed.  (I’m ignoring that ceiling texture… who decided that was a good idea EVERYWHERE?)

I want something WORTH looking up to as I lay in bed.

Something like this:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Sure its totally unusual, but it is beautiful.  Not everyone would love it, but I promise I gasp when I saw it. Stars?  above the place where I sleep, yes please! But as a light not as me being homeless.

See expensive taste.

So new mission added to the plan.  Find a deal, knock off or some way to raise more cash! We shall see how this plays out.


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