First we purge..

So in an effort (that I am already sure will be more ongoing that I want it to be…) to create a home out of the house I would rather leave behind, I have made a plan.

1st step is to purge everything I no longer need or feel attached to.

Time to fill the trash cans, donate away & give what I can.

Also time to find a storage unit to stow away the things that I may indeed want at a later day but don’t fill any real needs enough to be taking up the valuable space they do now.

yah. Not such fun stuff.

So to inspire & fuel me, I dream of what I could be working towards.

Today’s inspiration – my bedroom.

I know I want to use the colors of black, white, a light green (sage or mint?) & some lighter shade of purple.  Prefer more contemporary but also lush & comfortable.  Some place to make me feel luxurious & peaceful.

or maybe this?

$279 –

$149 –

$1.15 –

MOUNT White Organic Mount board
10 GBP –

$17 –

Nolan Purple 2’x6′ Runner | Crate&Barrel
$40 –

we drifted away like the leaves in the fall

Also love these…

Now the work.. purge & figure out how to pay!


2 thoughts on “First we purge..

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