Coffee Confession

Ok confession time.

I was over 30 before I actually drank my first cup of coffee.  (waiting for the sound of shock &  the “WHAT? WHY?”s……done?)  I know late bloomer.

Get this – one of my jobs for a few months was to PURCHASED coffee for a local health food cooperative!  I had the stocking, ordering & all that down, but relied on feedback from others & deals from brokers to decide which ones to stock.  For shame I know!

I watched my parents drink it daily & my grandmother (one of my favorite people ever) was known to drink 2 pots some days! It was she who introduced me to the coffee shops & the chocolate covered espresso beans that got me thru many, many late nights in college!  I loved the smell, but not the taste of the drink.

I tried a few sips now & then over the years growing up but I always came to the same conclusion – tasted like dirty water to me.  Even with the added creamers & sweeteners.

TIL I DISCOVERED ESPRESSO!  & a good cup of cuban coffee.

Seems I wasn’t someone who didn’t like coffee, I was someone who didn’t enjoy weak coffee!

Unfortunately I also discovered that it like the chocolate covered beans would keep me up all night! Had to limit my consumption to before noon or else I would be up all night (& this was prior to my current insomnia issues!).

I purchased some good coffee, a grinder & a french press & I was in business!

Also learned the bliss that is a pumpkin spice latte!

Never will I make up the years lost without that delicious seasonal treat.

The one problem I had was I am NOT a morning person enough to make coffee with the french press every morning.  Also it makes more than I can take with me to work.

Sure I could stop & get some on the way to work, but who can afford that everyday? Also I bring Baxter to work with me & I’m not a fan of leaving dogs in cars.

Don’t even get me started on the coffee at work.  Seems to be the same bland, weak stuff my parents go for.  No thanks. I will save the calories & just have a sweet tea from a drive thru on the way.

So most days I just forgo coffee & save it for weekends & special days.

A while back it seems everyone got these single serving coffee machines.  I had a blast watching some friends compare the different flavors.  Still since I seem to be very picky with my blends, didn’t really interest me in spending that kind of money – & valuable kitchen counter space – on something that would again make bland weak coffee.

Today while hunting for gifts I discovered something that peaked my interest in the single serving machines again…. the reusable cup!

You add in your own coffee.  So I could add my strong stuff!  Still wonder if it would end up being strong enough or if would be able to double the suggested amounts.  But I am definitely curious.

Anyone have any experience with these?

Oh & my favorite coffee so far?  Fresh ground Deadman’s Reach by RavenBrew. Its incredible!


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