If Only…

Sometimes you just should drop what you are doing & get groceries.

Yet sometimes, you just don’t wanna!

Tonight was that night for me.  Long day at work after a night of frustration & the last thing I wanted to do was grab take out or go shopping.  I just wanted to cook something comforting & eat.

A quick scan of the pantry lead me to think tacos… but not tacos.

So I made Taco Lasagna!  Yeah I have never tried it or heard of it either.

Basically I used what I had.

Starting with browning some ground turkey.  Then I added some taco seasoning, a can of black beans & a can of corn.

Also added in some leftover rice from chinese take out.

I crushed up some broken taco shells & made a layer of them in a dish.

Next I layered on the turkey, rice, bean & corn mixture. Topped that with a layer of shredded cheddar. I repeated the crushed tacos, meat mix & added some salsa I found then the cheese…repeat til you reach the top.  Make sure the cheese is the last layer on top.

Heated in a 350 degree oven to blend everything & allow the cheese to melt.

All on all not bad…

BUT I just kept thinking of what could make it better!

I find myself doing that a lot lately.  I will be eating something & think of what I could add to really make it great.

For instance to me this would benefit with a chopped up serano or jalapeno pepper, some garlic, lime & a bit of cilantro.

Could be great with other cheese.  Maybe some white queso instead of the cheddar. Perhaps a layer of refried beans instead of adding the black beans into the mix. Spinach added to the ground mix?

So many possibilities.

Just keeps me thinking of what could be.






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