Dine & Dash

Seems like life is just moving too fast this time of year.

I admit I am enjoying every moment, but doesn’t leave me much time to do much else but keep up.

Lately dinners have been anywhere but home.  Just this past week I had one meal with a camera group I am a part, one with a local twitter group, another with a friend, a quick no time for much pizza (which has helped with lunches!) & then last night was a fabulous dining experience with a women’s group I just joined at a fondue place.

I actually made it to dessert! Since it was included.

I almost miss my kitchen!

If it was a better size & had room for a table & chairs, I might just have to tie myself down & start canceling to be able to cook at home!

Alas tonight here I go again.. a holiday social BBQ buffet dinner with the parrot rescue group I am a part of followed by the women’s group’s Games & Giggles event with snacks!

Hoping tomorrow I can take some time to relax & enjoy a meal at home.

Until then I just have to enjoy the ride.





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