Chocolate Cresent Rolls?

Last night I did the mad after work dash around to get the Thanksgiving stuff & pack up myself, a pug & 4 birds for the annual trip to my parents.  While in at work I decided it was also going to be a day of baking!  Funny how a slow day at work can lead to such grand ideas.

I decided after a discussion on chocolate croissants & the seemingly lack of anywhere to locate one in the local area, that I would make some to share at work.

Also decided that I would surprise my family by baking some blondies up to bring.


Got all the ingredients… sort of.

The blondie attempt has been put on hold due to lack of a mixer.  After rereading the recipe & seeing it say to “beat until fluffy” & realizing that was about how I felt after the long day… there was no way I was going to attempt it by hand.  So into a box all the ingredients went so that I can borrow my mom’s mixer while I am there.  Still will share, but now I also will be creating more dishes there to clean! Oops.

The chocolate croissants, well try chocolate cresent rolls.  I couldn’t find a croissant mix or dough to actually make the rolls with.  Closest I could do was the refridgerated canned stuff.  While the guys at work thought they were great… they are NOT the pastry I was longing for.

Now that light flaky fluffy pastry is what I am longing for…. Just need to actually make the pastry dough or find something more like it.

This is just not the same…

However to share in case anyone wants to try it.  The recipe is the same as on the tube.  Only change is that you slip in some chocolate before rolling the triangle up.  I cut the miniture chocolate bars leftover from Halloween in half lengthwise & used those, but I am sure that chips would work as well. 

Wondering how a dab of nutella would work?


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