Sometimes You Need To Try Again

So I admit I have a file on my laptop with a HUGE collection of recipes I have found online that I would LOVE for someone to cook for me….or to fix myself.  Tonight I got around to one of them.

The Red Spoon blog has some inspiring & incredibly delicious food & I love keeping up with all her culinary adventures.  When I saw the recipe to convert someone who isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes to someone who will eat them… I knew I had to try it!  I love sweet potatoes already so this had to be good.

The recipe:  Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

Photo from the Red Spoon blog - Looks delish right?

These are all the ingredients:

All ready to go!

Chopped up the sweet potatoes & onion & tossed them in the olive oil, salt & pepper.  They went into the oven & I got in some time with my birds & pug in another room, even tweeted a little.  It smelled soooo good!  I was getting excited when I noticed the slightly smokey smell.

YUP… I burnt them!  Turns out mine didn’t need as long to roast in the oven.  Also I would have probably picked up on that had I turned/stirred them like I was supposed to!  Double Ooops!  Some may caramelize onions, but I cremated them!

So back to the drawing board.  No more sweet potatoes in the house & not feeling like a trip out to the store.  Once I’m in my comfy clothes, I’m in them! So what to do?


I opened one of the cans of black beans, added some salt & pepper & heated it up over medium high heat.

Chopped the jalapeno & added that to the beans.  Yes I added the whole jalapeno, but not the seeds!  I like it hot but didn’t want SEED HOT!  Also figured out I had a few cuts on my hand which is always fun when working with hot peppers.

Next up a clove of garlic minced & added to the pot.

Now time for the good stuff! The juice of half a lime…

I used the wooden spoon to really get the juice out.  Pulp added is not a problem with me.  I love lime & it works get with the jalapeno.

I let this all simmer on medium heat while I fixed a steak, some fried okra & heated up some leftover white rice from chinese take out.  The liquid from the can reduced down a bit & its important to stir now & then.  Which luckily I remembered to do this time around.

The final touch was adding some fresh cilantro to the mix!

Seriously good stuff!

Just scooped some on top of the rice & I was in heaven.   Simple & hit the spot.

Maybe mistakes do lead to good things after.  (but don’t think I’m giving up on that Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad recipe that easy! One day…. just not today.)

Right up my alley! Delish!





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