Anything Fresh Lo Mein

ahhhh chinese & no MSG!

Even better the next day!

It all started in the veggie aisle with a shopping cart & a ravenous stomach… 

Which lead me to snatching up ANYTHING FRESH!  I quickly nabbed some broccoli that was on sale & some snap peas, an orange pepper & some little yellow squash that just looked good.  Then I had to ask what in the world to do with them?  It hit me later in the store – STIR FRY!  The lo mein noodles were a new discounted item in the store as was the East West Sizzling Stir Fry Sauce.  The LIME pepper salt mixture by Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Seasonings was new to me & sounded perfect for that chicken breast I had in my freezer.

So with just a slight bit of oil, I browned the seasoned chicken.  Then added some minced garlic & the bite sized chopped broccoli.

I just washed the snap peas & added those to the pan.  For the small squash I ended up washing & cutting off the top stem pieces & the bottoms, then chopping into thirds (or bite sized pieces).  The pepper also want chopped up into smaller pieces.   I don’t know why I hardly ever fix snap peas but I should a lot more often.  They are divine!

While the chicken & veggies cooked away, I cooked the lo mein noodles as directed on the package.  Mine took maybe 5 minutes in the boiling water.

The final step was adding in the sauce & noodles to the pan & letting it cook enough to get everything warm.  I added some sauce, tasted & loved it so much I ended up dumping in half the bottle!

I was really pleased by the lime, pepper, sugar & salt mixture.  Even with the sauce it accented the flavors perfectly.  Why haven’t I tried this stuff before?  Wasn’t expensive & just a simple idea.  I love that I can count the ingredients on my hand & pronouce all of them!

Next time I make this, I think that some crunchy fried tofu would be great.  I know it can be done… just not sure I can do it the way the local Thai place does.  But this would be a perfect dish for it.  Which honestly, I can’t say that often about tofu!  (But I am learning… lol)


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