Dream Time

Right now I am longing to be home & cooking.  I should be cleaning or working.  Instead I am taking a moment to dream & munch on a Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled & Fruit Salad.  Ever notice how LOUD salads are to eat in a quiet office?

I feel like I have been eating this thing for an hour!

 How adorable are these Lotus Nesting Bowls?  I think they would be one of those functional items that I wouldn’t mind leaving out on the counter!  I prefer the Celadon to the Ivory, but its a close call on these.  You can get your set (& feel free to send me one too if you are feeling generous!) at Gumps San Francisco. Yup its the price that has me waiting on these, but if you think of it in terms of getting 8 bowls it makes it reasonable.  Just not within my budget at the moment.

Another great idea comes from Williams-Sonoma in these Stainless Steel Breading Pans.  Sure you can just use dishes you already have, but this is dream time & these link together to prevent the mess.  I love the professional look & feel of these.  Makes me want to just go fry some chicken or something.  Also might be a neat way to serve things like taco fixings!

 and every good domestic goddess needs a cute apron to make her feel like she is getting down to business in the kitchen & still able to keep the fashionable outfit clean!  I ADORE WITH A PASSION ETSY.COM & found this handmade Ooh La La Apron there made by Apronsandmore.



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