Oops I Ate it Again

yup. another frozen lunch day. 

Yesterday I got lucky & my boss treated everyone to homemade chili for lunch.  I really have a wonderful boss who is a great cook!


I had brought in a frozen meal since it was chaos arriving home Sunday night & I just didn’t feel up to doing anything for the Monday lunch.  (Future challenge here – Monday lunches!)  I thought I would have gotten enought sleep & caught up by last night but nope.  Zonked out again.  With the frozen meal still waiting to be eaten at work, I didn’t stress.

However…. this must change ASAP.  I need real food to look forward to. 

Thankfully the frozen meal turned out to be quite yummy!  A Marie Callender’s Sweet & Sour Chicken actually did hit the spot.  The only thing I would change was the texture of the rice.  It wasn’t bad, just not the standard rice texture.  Surprisingly I was impressed that the chicken pieces actually seemed like fresh chicken breast.  I abhor the pieces of frozen meat in most meals based on the consistency alone, but this one seemed like it came from a local chinese take out. 

So now to start planning tomorrow.  I have a few ideas I am kicking about & foresee a trip to get fresh food for the fridge in my future!  Something warm and fall like to look forward too.


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