It Taste Like Fall Around Here

Fall mornings should be special! My favorite way to begin the day is with a nice pumpkin spice latte, but some mornings it just isn’t an option.  Which is probably good for my wallet.

Still today was exciting since last night I picked up a jar of pumpkin butter!

Perfect way to jazz up the plan old piece of toast.

Delightful blend of pumpkin & spices from Oregon Growers & Shippers.  Can you tell I am a big fan of pumpkin? Also for anyone that has given up on gluten, pumpkin butter (at least this one & most I have seen) are gluten free!

Dinner however was incredible.

Basically I got lazy & decided to stay home tonight.  The goal was make something out of whatever I already had.

I ended up picking up some harvest pasta when I got the pumpkin butter so that was fresh on my mind.  Also had a sweet potato that was calling my name.

add some frozen spinach souffle, tuna & the thai peanut sauce from earlier in the week… & ta- dah – dinner!

Started by slicing the sweet potato into thin discs, spraying them with a splash of cooking oil then dusting them with some pumpkin pie spice.

Popped them in the oven & started on the pasta.

Once the water for the pasta was going, I got a chance to prep the tuna.  Lightly drizzled oil on the tuna with a sprinkle of garlic salt & freshly ground mixed peppercorns.  Then I topped it with the thai peanut sauce.

Had to wait for the sweet potatoes to finish before switching the oven to broil for the tuna.  While the pasta cooked & the potatoes finished I broke out an old favorite standby – spinach souffle.  Even as a kid it has been a favorite.  Seemed perfect to accompany the rest of the meal which needed a bit of green to go along with all the orange carbs.

All in all I loved dinner – even if it wasn’t anything planned out specially in advance.  Even if I did end up over broiling the tuna or as my mother would say, I actually cooked it.  I think wars have been waged over the proper doneness of tuna in my house – I’m a pink on the inside girl but this still tasted delicious with the thai sauce adding an extra note of flavor.

Now I’m stuffed.

The windows are open & letting in the slight breeze with the calm chill that tends to nip now & then this time of year.  Getting ready to relax with a glass of red wine, a snuggly pug & a good scary movie via Netflix. 🙂

Yup, its a pretty perfect ending to the day.



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