Share a Bite

Friday! …finally.

Its been a long week this time. But here we are at the start of yet another weekend. I am really looking forward to having sometime to read recipes, blogs & cook at home. I feel a bit in limbo since next week will be a short week for me. Don’t want to buy too much food that will spoil while I’m out of town from Thursday night to Sunday night, but at the same time, I don’t want fast food on the menu. Which it was last night…. 😦

The date I had planned to go on, fell through. I wasn’t feeling it & he got pulled over for expired tags, we couldn’t agree on something to do (who invites themselves over to your place for a first date?) – so we just called it a night. Exhausted & a tad frustrated, I feel back into the comfortable drive thru habit. With a dash of self hate, it dawned on me that without dinner out, there would be no leftovers for lunch. It was either another turkey sandwich or think up something quick. I remembered the chicken from before that I had grilled. The shelf life was going on that. Use it or lose it. Since I didn’t want to waste it & the salad lettuce I had previously planned to use was no longer an option, it was time to be creative.

Thankfully by the time I placed my order I knew what to do.

Plain baked potato? ok

Topped with seasoned grilled chicken & cheddar? Much better!

I have to say I am wishing I had some spinach to toss into this, but alas maybe next time.

Once in a while I find myself in a funk, like last night. I have found that a few things help lift me up – pug snuggles, working with a local companion bird rescue, laughing with friends, shopping & helping others. Remembering that I am extremely lucky puts whatever the issue I’m dealing with into a better perspective. I end each night listing 5 things I am grateful for (I tend to keep going after 5, which means I am one lucky lady).

At the beginning of this year I was dealing with the emotions and physical effects of being attacked. I was facing several surgeries, struggling with not slipping back into the all too familiar territory of my anxiety disorder (mainly agoraphobia) & finding it hard to find the happy things in my life. I came across the 29 Gifts project. The basic idea is when you feel you have nothing left to give, have nothing left to do & that you are just out….give. When you can’t help yourself, help someone else. Don’t say you can’t, try.

The gifts do not have to be monetary or physical things. Smiles, compliments, laughs they all count. It’s the action of helping others have a better day/life that matters. Thinking about others joy or needs instead of dwelling on your own limitations or sorrows.

So I set out to follow the plan. 29 Days of giving something to someone each day. If you skip a day, you have to start over. There are no free passes or take a day off. You give. So I did. I stumbled, I started over. But each time I felt a little better, even of only that moment. I realized by giving myself the freedom to give, I was gaining back me.

I also found that my independent – I can do everything on my own ego, was opening up to allowing others to help me – which I needed. I felt guilty having my mom come stay with me & take care of me while I recovered from the 1st surgery. But after thinking about it all, she cares for me & this was a gift she could give me. She was very needed & much appreciated. I’m beyond lucky to have her & that she was able to take care of me.

Giving is a two-way street – most of the time.  The giver gains a sense of connection & feeling of being helpful, the world is a little better because of the action.  Sure letting that car out of the gas station in front of you might not give you warm fuzzies, but it matters.  Holding a door for someone takes a second & sure they probably could open it themselves, but by you could make someone’s day by acknowledging they are there & worth holding a door for. 

WARNING – it is quite contagious.  The smiles you give may spread & you may end up having it paid forward back to you.

So long story short.  This blog is mainly about food.  My struggle with the food at my desk.  BUT I also want to incorporate a sense of giving.  Each week I want to share something that makes me smile, I believe in or happened to me.  Please feel free to share your own stories along with me.  I know I’m not the only one that has discovered the magical gift of giving.

Since this is the 1st special post, I have a local cause I want to spotlight that is food related.

The Wilmington Branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

I have had the joy of meeting the Branch Manager, Jennifer Caslin at a local tweetup that was held to benefit the food bank.  Attendees brought in food to donate & got tickets for the raffle.  I was lucky enough to win a beautiful gift from Port City Java!  2 whole pounds of coffee & 2 travel mugs – which in turn I am sharing with my office – a step up from that other bland coffee they typically brew.  😉  Her dedication and passion for the organization was very clear & inspiring.

The work they are doing is helping so many people in the area.  Last year they were able to distribute over 4 million pounds of food in the four counties they serve locally.  Somehow these people work their collective magic to get each dollar donated to turn into FOUR MEALS!   That skill alone is pretty impressive but they aren’t doing it for themselves but for people who could best benefit from the gift of a good meal.  I’m extremely thankful that they continue doing what they do.

and yes, I did make a donation & I invite you to as well. 

Just a simple gift. But it could mean the world.



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