Dream Time

So currently I live alone in a teeny tiny house with a teensy weensy kitchen with very limited storage or counter space.  A story too many people can relate to. The truth is I am lucky to have a kitchen & hey its less to clean! Maybe one day I will be able to upgrade to a place that allows me more room to spread out & store more, but for now I can always enjoy dreaming.

So here are three things I am adoring at the moment….

The Herb Keeper

found at Crate & Barrel

I can see how this lil container would be a life saver (literally for the herbs).  I hate how quickly things wilt & go bad in the fridge or even worse elsewhere.  This would buy me more time to play with them.




Index Cutting Boards

found at Uncommon Goods

LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this! Not only does it store them nicely, it also prevents anyone from mistakenly cutting chicken then veggies.  Once you get into the habit of which board is for what… Very cool.



Operanova Cornelia Dinnerware

found at Neiman Marcus

Tonight these would have been perfect to eat off of.  I love the colors and slightly eerie elegance of these.


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