Spicy Thai Goodness

(originally posted October 12, 2010)

When I started thinking about what would make a killer lunch, I thought back to a recent lunch I had when I went to Chapel Hill for the wedding of two of the sweetest people alive.

(They also blog & you can check them out here & here…good stuff! She is GlutenFree & he is working on a project to get school based health centers.)

Before the wedding I explored a Trader Joes & noticed a place call Evos. I had never heard of the place but by the time I left I was chatting with the owner & begging him to open one in Wilmington! Basically its a fast food chain that does things a bit differently – for the better. The food is incredible. The packaging is recycled/recyclable & they offset their energy cost with renewable energy. Sustainable & no deep fried anything! LOVE IT.

Only thing I didn’t like is that the food is so good, you WILL crave it later & living a few hours away can be an issue. 🙂 I am STILL craving that Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap!

The wrap’s description “All natural chicken breast, hormone-free, spicy peanut & chili pepper dressing, long grain rice, organic field greens, crispy rice noodles, spinach herb wrap” makes my mouth water!

So what better to try to recreate?

I found a recipe from Rachel Ray for Thai Chicken Wraps. Seemed like a great place to start!

Didn’t have the crispy rice noodles or rice, but also sounded great.

I decided to skip a few steps & grab a bottle of spicy thai peanut sauce. As I have said before, sometimes I see recipes as suggestions more than step by steps. This is the case for this one.

Begin by warming the grill pan & preparing the chicken. I live alone so I used a 3 pack of boneless chicken breast. I froze one for later, grilled one for later & used one for the recipe – which was enough for 3 wraps.

I chopped the chicken breast up to help it cook faster, then tossed it in a steak grill rub, a couple of splashes of soy sauce & cooking oil. Then tossed it on the grill to get its nice tan going.

While it was browning up, I washed and chopped up some veggies.
I went for cucumber, red pepper, carrots & basil. Thinking almost any vegetable would be good with this! Also thinking I ate a lot of those mini carrots trying to get the parrots to try them. I swear I have the strangest birds. Most others would go for carrots, mine – not happening.

After the chicken finished up its thing & was fully cooked, I chopped it up into bite sized pieces. Then I tossed the chicken & the chopped veggies with the spicy thai sauce.

Starting to look yummy!

Next I got out whole wheat tortillas & topped it with a bit of baby lettuce. I added the chicken, veggie mixture.
Thought I had made enough for dinner & lunch, but turns out that was WAY too much for one wrap! So ended up being two wraps & then another to take to the office!

So I ate one with a side of baked apples for dinner…

& ate one at work, with some more sliced veggies & left over baked apples! 😀 Guess living solo is going to make this a bit easier due to the leftovers. But still an adventure. I actually think the one for lunch was even better. Might be due to the fact that I loved it the night before & was ready for another serving or could be contributed to everything having more time to mingle together. Either way this is certainly a keeper of a recipe!

What too make next….


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