(originally posted October 11, 2010)
I decided yesterday that I wanted to set a few goals for myself. Life seems to go smoother when I have something to work towards & look forward to. I’m just one of THOSE annoying type people who always wants to have something going on. 🙂

So one of the things I decided I wanted to get back into was blogging. I miss the chance to express my random thoughts & like being able to look back on them later.

A second thing I wanted to work on is my eating habits. This past year has been a mess eating wise. I had to basically rely on anything that didn’t require cooking beyond a microwave or something that could easily be lifted with one hand only. Due to several surgeries & gaining back use of one of my hands, cooking just seemed like too much. In crept the fast food diet (& the bills & pounds that go along with it!). Convenience was just too tempting.

Now that I am using both hands much better, quick & easy doesn’t have to go by the way side but I miss the flavors of freshly made, home prepared meals. I want to have it my way by DOING it my way.

Working away from home in an office presents its own set of challenges in eating. Stepping out for lunch isn’t an option due to the nature of my job & the benefit of being able to bring my side kick Baxter to work with me each day. So lunch has become less than something to look forward to most of the time.


Why not challenge myself to healthier lunches… & blog about it?

Sure there are plenty of blogs out there about recipes, health, food, etc. but as is the way for many things in life, there is always room for one more – if its good!

Look for new post coming soon & if you have a recipe, blog or website you think would help me in my quest for better lunches for one leave me a comment with the link. 🙂

Tomorrow begins the journey….


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